Fest Facts

Oktoberfest at Tempe Town Lake Fun Guide & Answers to Your Questions

  1. Remember where you parked (Don’t laugh, you’ll thank us later).
  2. Take public transportation. Try Metro Light Rail!
  3. Pets, reptiles and creatures must stay at home, except for service animals.
  4. If you plan to drink, bring your I.D. (Yes, yours).
  5. Sorry no coolers at the Oktoberfest at Tempe Town Lake
  6. Sneak in alcohol and get escorted out.
  7. Speed Limit .25 MPH. Sorry, no bikes or rollerblades within the event
  8. Bag Search Happens. (It’s better than a strip search).
  9. Weapons? We don’t think so, just come to have fun.
  10. It’s a dry heat, stay hydrated, and wear sun block.
  11. Bring your map! This way guys won’t have to ask for directions.
  12. Seven World Cities in 3 days? No Problem! Passport Office is open. Kids can pick up a free passport at the information booth.
  13. Your money is no good here. Entry is FREE. Family pricing: $20 for sheet of 25 tickets - 10-3 pm Saturday, 10-6 pm Sunday.
  14. Manners matter. You’re invited to a private party. Unacceptable behavior as determined by event management may lead to dismissal of the grounds with no refund.
  15. Last Call is 15 minutes before the event ends. All those left must help with clean-up.
  16. Sorry, no refunds. Event ends at 6pm on Sunday.
  17. Drink responsibly, know when to say when. Bring a designated driver. They'll remember where you parked.
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